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Minimum spending, maximum result or

How targeted ads works for small business

Nowadays, it is becoming important to find right audience in right place. Competition is growing, number of communication channels are increasing also, to reach your audience on TV costs huge money. In this case, internet marketing can help to solve business task for achieving objectives with small budget.

Targeting ad specializes on targeting advertising based on known user’s data thanks to big data. Big data gives a lot of information about user such as gender, age, interests, geo location, behavior, income and many others. Based on this data, we can built online ad campaign, targeting on your specific target audience.

For example, children dental clinic is operating in certain area in your city. Also it’s known that mostly customers visit this clinic from nearest areas. So having initial understanding about business, we can exact portrait of a representative of your target audience and build excellent advertising campaigns in facebook, instagram and google. Then we develop several hypotheses of our target audience and strategies that we can create several advertising campaigns to choose the best one and continue to work with chosen campaign.

According to one hypothesis, which is described above, we choose following targeting options for social media campaigns:

  • 25-45 years old
  • Geo location with limited distance (0.5-2 km) from the dental clinic location
  • Parents, motherhood, fatherhood
  • Children interests
  • Children dentistry and so on.

For contextual advertising we use keywords like teeth treatment for children, children dentistry and so on. According to search behavior of users, advertisement will be shown when users will use our keywords. For saving budget we also put geo location with limited distance.

Thus, right digital strategy and well-developed advertisement campaigns allow to achieve goals for small business with convenient budget. Also it is important to mention that creative is important part of advertising campaign as well. It needs to mock up several creative designs for A/B-testing, that you can understand which works better and focus on that creative.

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